Increasing Upper Body Throwing Power

throwingThe phases involved in the analysis of gross motor skill movements may include the preparatory, the force phase or execution of the skill, and the follow through. The purpose of the preparatory phase (eccentric stretch phase), when analysing a catcher’s throwing to bases, includes cocking the arm in the opposite direction of the throw, prior to the start of the force phase. These movements are the foundation for all plyometric movements, a quick stretch followed by a concentric contraction. The preparatory process aligns the body’s segments involved in the throw in a favourable position to not only generate and impart force on the baseball but to facilitate accuracy. The problem specific to catchers may be that often catchers may throw from the same position as they catch or receive the pitch without the luxury of maximum force generated by the lower body when moving out of the catcher’s stance.

This download will focus on the development of power in the upper body so that catchers may improve throwing force and accuracy with or without generating force from the lower body.

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