Breathing Techniques: How to remain relaxed and stress free

Calm"Just relax" That is what coaches say to do, right? But how is this possible with the game on the line or the game tied in overtime with you going in to play?

One way to help during these stressful times is to use breathing techniques. Being in a relaxed state is important to achieving optimal performance in any endeavour, not just sports. It is important when you are taking a test, giving a presentation, having a job interview, dealing with your family etc. You name it, being relaxed will increase your productivity in it. It is a vital stepping stone to peak performance. If you are not relaxed, everything you do will be a struggle. Relaxation provides mind-body integration necessary for peak performance.

In this free download, available to registered members of PP Online, we explain how to take control of a stressful situation by focusing on your breathing and relaxing your muscles.


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