vertical jump improvement

good day to you sir i read some of your subscriber last day and i just wanna try to ask some questions with regards to vertical jumping. i want to improve more inches to my vertical. i am 5"8 ins tall my vertical jump is 33 ins. i do squat of 300 lbs, step up 60 lbs in each hand, lunges 100 lbs calf raises 430 lbs after weight training i do my anckle jump for 2 mins,box jump 28 ins of 3 sets 10 reps, depth jump 3 sets of 10 hurdle jumps of 29ins 3 sets of 10 rim jump 3 sets of 10 the last squat jump of 30kg 3 sets of 10..i do this for twice a week monday and this routine do i increase my vertical jump up to 40 ins? please advise me i need ur help sir..thank you so much..have a nice day..

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